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history1.jpgThe history of JAPADOG started with an ambitious Japanese couple with limited funds moving from Japan to Canada with a dream of creating a world famous food stand.  Nothing came easily but the hotdog stand was eventually ready for operation on the streets of Vancouver. Once the stand opened we faced many challenges, especially with the language barrier and working the stands on my own. I can still vividly remember dealing with the cold winter mornings and nights. However, despite all the obstacles JAPADOG  slowly started to get noticed by the public.


Entering the second year of making Japanese style hotdogs, JAPADOG was not in an situation to hire any employees. In addition our first child was born which added more complications to our schedule because our child was with us wherever we went.  We had to buy food in large quantities, prepare the hotdogs throughout the day and take care of our child. Through it all, compared to the first year, we increased our amount of fans with a big smile.


The third year of JAPADOG was a memorable moment with the addition of several employees. We also introduced several different types of hotdogs, and the number of JAPADOG fans increased rapidly by word of the mouth. As a result, the hectic schedule of working from morning till night did not change.  There were times when we had to close the stand earlier due to the fact our hands would be numb from serving many hot dogs.


By this time of the year, the JAPADOG family increased to five employees and the JAPADOG stands were upgraded with more features. This was when we hired Hide as manager of the hotdog stand. In addition, we were visited by celebrities and world athletes. We were also awarded the "Best of Vancouver" for the third year in a row.


The JAPADOG family increased to 15 in 2009. Noriko, Toshi, Aki joined the JAPADOG family.
The second JAPADOG stand was created and during the hot summer days, JAPADOG had a stand by the beach sides in Vancouver. The Film industry and universities catering requests were increasing in numbers and our reputation seemed to grow.


This year, the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver. The two JAPADOG stands, experienced their busiest time with nearly 100 people lining up for the Japanese style hotdog every day. By then, JAPADOG was followed by media from around the world. In addition, the third hotdog stand was created in May, and in the same month the JAPADOG store opened.

This JAPADOG store was a dream come true since there are so many regulations for stands in Vancouver which limited us from with trying new ideas.  However, with the opening of the New JAPADOG store we were able to explore different concepts for JAPADOG.


history3.jpgThe first trailer style JAPADOG opened this year.  Now in Vancouver, there are four JAPADOG stands and a JAPADOG store for a total of five locations. Our family has now increased to 30 members and I feel blessed to work with every single one of them. Also, the dream to make a world famous hotdog stand has now extended its boundaries out of the heart of Vancouver and has joined the biggest city in America, New York. This is the first global store that JAPADOG has created and is a giant step for reaching our dreams. Even now, there is plenty to learn about, but we are determined to overcome any challenges that we may face.

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